Radio Dacha: Valeria’s Bold images in the new video «No chance»

Valeria presented a video for the new song “No chance”. The premiere of the unique video took place on the official YouTube channel of the star just a few days ago.

The incredible atmosphere of the music video and bold images of the singer in it delighted Valeria’s subscribers. Fans noted that listening to the singer is a pleasure, and each of her new clip is stronger, more beautiful and better than the previous one.

Valeria presented her summer hit “No chance” at the end of last month. And shooting action-Packed videos ended the week before. The singer wrote about the final of the filming process in his Instagram, describing the scene:

“Friends, I have news for you: shot a video for the new bomber song. The shooting took place in a unique building under the cute name “Matryoshka” in SKOLKOVO with a gorgeous concert hall, the uniqueness of which is in the transformer stage and atrium of 50 meters! The continuous multimedia spiral of 10 floors with a length of 500 meters shook! Anything is possible! Exciting Playground! You will be able to get acquainted with the result of our works very soon.”

Recall now Valeria and her husband Joseph Prigogine rest in Iceland. Star couple for the second week enjoying the beauty of landscapes, valleys, caves, waterfalls and volcanoes of this magical “ice country”.

Source: Radio Dacha