Valeriya received a special prize “For Contribution to the Development of Popular Music”!

Another special prize of the “MUZ-TV Award 2018. Transformation” has just been awarded to the Olympic Sports Complex. The plate of MUZ-TV “For Contribution to the Development of Popular Music” was given to the singer Valeriya!

When the performer came on stage to take this honorable award from the hands of composer Igor Krutoy and fencer Yana Yagoryan, the hall rose. The audience applauded with applause, which, by the way, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

– « Thank you very much! This is a very serious year for me, a jubilee, a lot has been done over the years, but I really do not want to sum up, “Valeriya admitted, promising that she would continue to write good songs, make cool clips and make fantastic shows, to again fall into the number of nominees of the Prize.